FRED West’s brother has denied many of the twisted claims made by the notorious serial killer about their upbringing in a new documentary from Channel 5.

Doug West, who stayed near to the family home in Much Marcle, dismissed Fred’s claims as “fantasies” in an episode that aired last night.

Much has been made of how West was raised.

Accusations of bestiality and an incestual relationship with his mother have been held up by sexual violence experts such as Christiane Sanderson as possible factors that would lead him to kill at least 12 young women with his wife Rose.

However Doug, one of seven West children, flatly denies this.

In the documentary, he said: “I can sit here and tell you that it’s not true.

“None of us was ever abused, in any way, by anybody.

“As far as mum and Fred, and dad and animals, that was just fantasy by somebody.”

West had said in interviews with police that his father had sex with underage girls and had taught him to have sex with sheep.

He also alleged that his mother told him that when to have sex with her when he was 12.

In an anecdote thought by the biographers in the documentary to point to his early lust for blood, West was said to have slit the throat of a family pig at a young age.

This was also disputed by Doug, a 67-year-old farm, who put down as a figment of the killer’s imagination.

He said: “We all know what a fantasizer he is, from earlier about the pigs.

“He never killed a pig in his life.

“The bloke who used to kill the pigs worked with dad on the farm and he used to do that.

“None of us touched any of that.”

Last night’s episode, ‘When Fred Met Rose’ was the first of a three-part series looking into the killer couple.

Two of the Wests victims were discovered near Much Marcle, following the macabre House of Horrors investigation in 1994 that centred on their house on Cromwell Street in Gloucester.

Doug West told the Hereford Times in 2011 that he "couldn't see the point" of an ITV drama - Appropriate Adult - about Fred, but he said he wanted to appear in this documentary to set the record straight about their upbringing.