HEREFORD'S skatepark has been recognised as one of the best in England by the UK’s number one female skateboarder.

In an article for the Guardian, Lucy Adams lists the city's volunteer-run skatepark as one of her favourites.

The Holmer Road skatepark has been popular – pulling in large crowds of keen boarders and BMXers – since it opened initially as a street course in 2009.

A large bowl section was then added before the third phase, a street section around the park, was completed in December 2012.

It is now one of the biggest in the country and has attracted users, including professionals, from around the UK.

The skatepark is a community project, and is owned and managed by a charitable company – Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford Ltd.

All money raised from grants, donations and profits goes back into running the park.

Other parks that made Lucy Adams' top five were Ramp City in Blackpool, Radlands Plaza in Northampton, The Level in Brighton and Projekts in Manchester.