THE Green Party claimed a seat from the Conservatives at last night's Leominster South by-election.

Town councillor Jenny Bartlett won a seat on Herefordshire Council after receiving 384 votes.

Tory candidate Wayne Rosser came second with 222 votes and Independent candidate Angela Pendleton took 198 votes.

UKIP's candidate Elizabeth Portman-Lewis claimed 111 votes while Labour candidate Emma Pardoe received 99.

And Jane Lacey, also a Green Party candidate, claims a seat on Leominster Town Council after taking 726 votes. 

The Leominster South by-election was triggered by the death of Tory councillor Roger Hunt after a long illness.

In Ledbury, It's Our County secured a seat on Herefordshire Council with town councillor and former mayor Terry Widdows receiving 835 votes.

It means that the Conservatives have lost their majority on Herefordshire Council.