HEREFORD United supporters carried a coffin from Edgar Street today in a funeral procession through the city.

Around 50 fans marched from from the ground to Herefordshire Council's Brockington headquarters to deliver a petition, signed by more than 7,200 people, to leader Tony Johnson.

The procession was led by a grim reaper and the coffin was co-carried by Councillor Jim Kenyon.

The group then made their way through the Old Market towards High Town and past the Old House.

From there, they walked down St Owen Street before stopping for refreshments at Cllr Kenyon's Victory pub.

The group then marched towards the council offices in Hafod Road, where they were met by Cllr Johnson.

The leader of the council told them that he had received an email from Hereford United owner Tommy Agombar, indicating that all football creditors had been paid, which was taken "in good faith".

However, many former staff members at the club told the Hereford Times that they are still owed money.

Cllr Kenyon added that suppporters cannot accept "being lied to" and the "deceit".

"I am supporting the fans and the petition which is to get Tommy Agombar to leave", he said.

"I think that a fan-based club is the way forward.

"I have spoken to the chairman of the scrutiny committee at the council and we will look at the leases once they have been re-assigned in February.

"One of the things that jumped out was that the leases have gone down from £10,000 to £1.

"As a tax payer, I want to know why they have gone down by so much."