ON the 70th anniversary of her father Sven Somme's escape from German custody, Ellie Targett will be giving a talk in Yarpole Village Hall.

Sven, a Norwegian marine biologist, had been arrested on June 18, 1944 for photographing German military installations in Norway. He sent information and photographs to the Allies during WWII.

The talk is accompanied by around 100 slides and documents including the arrest warrants issued for him, letters from the resistance movement written in invisible ink, an underground newspaper that he produced and a little stamp with microfilm hidden underneath.

His book Another Man's Shoes was featured on Libby Purves Midweek on Radio 4 and there have been articles about his arrest and escape in the Times, Telegraph, Yours magazine and the Daily Mail, and last year Ellie took some of the documents to the Antiques Roadshow.

Proceeds from Ellie Targett's talk on Thursday, June 19 at 8pmwill go to the Pegasus Children's Trust.