AN almost biblical note is being sounded by Ledbury's MP, Bill Wiggin, who is keen to ensure that the county is ready for the next big flood.

He hopes that Herefordshire's flood defences will be so good, Downing Street will be flooded before the homes of his constituents.

“Herefordshire must be ready for the next flood,” said Mr Bill Wiggin.

The MP for North Herefordshire met with Dafydd Evans, Area Manager at Environment Agency for the Midlands, West, on Wednesday April 30 in Westminster, where he asked for assurance that the Environment Agency is doing all it can for Herefordshire.

Mr Wiggin said: “I do not want to see anyone in Herefordshire suffer the levels of devastation the flooding left earlier this year in Somerset and the Thames Valley.

"Every year I have kept up the pressure on the Environment Agency to ensure they are doing everything possible to continue to improve the flood defences in my constituency."

He added: "During my meeting with Dafydd Evans last week I asked again for reassurances his team was working for my constituents.

I am pleased to report the Environment Agency has not taken its’ eye off the ball. I want to reassure all my constituents that I will keep up the pressure on the Environment Agency to ensure Herefordshire is as well prepared for the next flood as possible.”