OUTRAGED High Town shopkeepers have been angered by a bin bag left for days outside the front door of Hereford Town Hall while waste was strewn across the pavement this week.

Angela Siemieniuk, who owns successful nearby store Hat Trick, is among those who believe the scene is an indictment of the city’s priorities.

She said: “A picture tells a thousand words.

“And it is telling that the same day that Old Market holds a pristeen opening across town, rubbish is just left out in the street outside one of the town’s most important buildings.

“It could not have been a worse place and it could not have been a worse time.”

Ms Siemieniuk, whose store won the MP Jesse Norman’s Independent Shop of the Year, said the rubbish bag was left out for three days despite speaking to Town Hall staff.

Sharon Amery said that the rubbish had nothing to do with the Town Hall and the situation was being dealt with.

She said: “A team from Balfour Beatty have cleaned it up this morning.

“It is not the first time this has happened – there has been an issue with the family responsible we will speak to them again about how they dispose of their refuse.”