A FORMER Cargill worker has booked himself a one-way ticket around the world – after scooping £1million on the Euromillions raffle.

Matt Myles says he rarely plays the national lottery or Euromillions and picked up his ticket on the “off-chance” from Hereford’s Morrisons store on Tuesday evening.

The 27-year-old could not have known how his life would be changed forever just hours later.

Now he’s on his way to Indonesia – the first stop in a year-long globe-trotting adventure around the world, after leaving his job behind him.

Speaking exclusively to the Hereford Times, Matt recalled the moment he discovered he had the winning raffle number.

“It was at 2am and I was working nights and had to stay up to get in ‘night mode’. I realised I hadn’t checked to see whether I had any numbers but didn’t think I’d win. I realised I hadn’t won the main game but didn’t think about checking the raffle. But then I saw the first few digits and realised what had happened,” he said.

Matt said the first person he called was a friend that he knew would be awake and – after they verified it for him – couldn’t help “screaming” down the phone.

“Then we had a family breakfast. I’m a little bit stupid with money so I had to be grounded quite quickly and my dad is the right person to do that,” he said.

Matt’s celebrations took him to Bristol where, less than 72 hours after discovering the news, he was recognised by someone while out in the city.

Hereford Times:

Deciding to use the money as an opportunity to experience the world around him, Matt resigned from his job as an engineer at Cargill.

His 26-year-old brother Pete, who worked at a brain injury unit in Leominster, did the same and the pair then booked themselves a one-way ticket to Indonesia, with Bali first on the list of places to visit.

The brothers will then call in at Thailand for Ko Phangan’s renowned full moon parties, followed by Australia, Brazil – to watch the world cup – and then America.

“I’ve sorted out my parents and my brother and I’m planning on banking around £800,000 and living off the interest,” Matt said.

“I just can’t get over it – it’s absolutely life changing.”



Fact file:

• Former Aylestone student Matt Myles scooped £1million on this week’s Euromillions raffle.

• The 27-year-old resigned from his engineering job at Cargill and booked a one-way ticket to Indonesia.

• He plans to spend a year abroad, travelling the world with his 26-year-old brother Pete.

Hereford Times:

• From Indonesia he will fly to Thailand for Ko Pha-ngan’s renowned full moon parties.

Hereford Times:

• Next stop is Australia.

Hereford Times:

• Then to Brazil for June’s world cup. Matt says he wants to be at the final.

Hereford Times:

• America is next on the list for one of Hereford’s youngest millionaires.


What else you could do with £1million:

• Buy 833,333 copies of the Hereford Times at £1.20 each.

• Buy 6,250 bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal vintage champagne at £159.98 each.

• Travel into space with Virgin Galactic. It’ll only cost around £149,000 ($250,000). Why not take the whole family?

Hereford Times:

• A Ferrari hypercar which goes from 0-62mph in less than three seconds for £1million. The manufacturer’s fastest vehicle ever produced.

Hereford Times:


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