We all love a good sing, whether it’s in the shower, or singing along to the latest X-Factor performance. It makes us feel better, energises us and provides the opportunity to make new friends, as can be seen through all the singing groups springing up around the county. Singing in larger groups gives us the chance to perform with others in a wide range of venues.

The Music Pool has been commissioned by Herefordshire Music Service to get more county schoolchildren singing and this term sees the second free singing project for Herefordshire, called Sing Spring In. Last summer, 31 schools were involved in the Sing Summer In project and more than 2200 children sang in groups of up to 250 voices, at 12 different performances for friends and families around the county.

Sing Spring In has a theme of ‘water’, and songs include Bridge Over Troubled Water, Jamaica Farewell and a rousing Ghanaian round, Senwa Dedende. Each school has been provided with a CD of the songs, produced by Nick Fisher.

Sing Spring In is coordinated by Jenni Axtell, a local freelance musician and teacher with years of singing experience and bundles of enthusiasm. She is supported by hihgly qualified team of singing leaders,keen to help schools prepare the pupils for their cluster performance day at the end of term. Thirty schools have already signed and four dates have been fixed for performances at Aylestone Business and Enterprise College, Earl Mortimer College, Lady Hawkins High School and Wigmore High School.

Singing in large groups can be difficult to organise, particularly for smaller or more rural schools, but there are many benefits, not least in giving primary children another chance to visit their local high school before they move up to Year 7. Sing Spring In’s aim is to include as many children from 5-18 as possible, building in them the joy of singing, both on their own and in groups, building their musical skills and encouraging a healthy activity that will last a lifetime – but the Music Pool needs to raise additional funds through donations if it is to continue such provision. Please help the Music Pool to keep the county’s children singing by clicking on the ‘donate’ button at www.musicpool.org.uk.