A SOLUTION to one of the county’s most pesky health problems – head lice infestation – is on its way to Leominster.

Natalie Nurse is hoping to help combat the problem that 50 per cent of all four to 11-year-olds experience as Herefordshire’s new lice assassin.

Featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies as “the lice experts”, lice assassins claim they can shut down any infestation “quickly and effectively”.

Natalie said she was inspired to set up her business The Hairforce – Lice Assassins in Leominster because “parents and children deserve effective support and not to be sold false hope in bottle”.

Lice are removed with a specialist lice vacuum and then – using technology from the University of Utah – the eggs are dehydrated without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. The eggs are then combed out at an appointment seven days later and the infestation is “completely shut down”.