A SERIES of workshops to teach parents of the calming effects dogs can have on children with autism are to be held in Hereford.

PAWS (Parents Autism Workshops and Support) – set up by Dogs for the Disabled in partnership with Lincoln University and the National Autistic Society – teaches parents of the calming effects dogs can have when a child with autism is angry, anxious or distressed.

The animals can also distract a child away from disruptive or dangerous behavior to create space for the parent or carer to take control of a situation.

PAWS believes a well-trained family pet dog can have a massively beneficial impact and now parents in the county will have the opportunity to hear all about these benefits.

Workshops cover a range of topics, from selecting the right dog for the child and family to family involvement and practical ways the dog can help the child’s development.

There is also ongoing support for all families enrolled after the workshops which are are available for parents of children with a clinical diagnosis of autism, aged between three and 16.

A payment of £30 is due at the first workshop which will be held on September 10.

The second is on September 15 with the final one on November 12.

All will be held at Hinton Community Centre between 10am and 3pm.

Call 01295 759836 to book a place.