THE family of a Worcester teenager who drowned in a quarry say they are “disgusted” by those who still want to swim there and feel more could have been done to prevent the latest death.

Craige Brown, said he was sickened that people still want to swim at Gullet Quarry knowing that two people have lost their lives there in six days, including his partner’s brother, Russell O’Neill. Mr Brown is the partner of Lisa O’Neill, the sister of 17-year-old Russell O’Neill of Ronkswood, Worcester who attended Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, lost his life at the quarry on Saturday, July 6. His children Chloe, six, Jasmine, four, and Isobelle, one, are Russell O’Neill’s nieces.

Mr Brown, aged 29, said he was glad the quarry had been closed but said of those who wanted to swim there: “We think it’s disgusting and disrespectful. It’s awful. People seem to think they’re invincible. It sickens me that people still want to go in there after everything that’s happened. “People are still thinking ‘oh well, it doesn’t matter about them - we will be fine’. That sort of attitude is heartbreaking, it really is. There are no words to describe how annoyed and angry it makes us feel.”

He said of the second fatality on Friday: “It’s exactly the same stretch of water and exactly the same thing happens. It’s heartbreaking enough this happens and we’re having to go through it. “To know another family is going through exactly the same thing six days later is awful. Our condolences go out to the other family. We understand they are doing through the pain that we are. It should not have happened again.”

He urged anyone considering swimming to not only consider the risk to their own lives but the feelings of their family and friends who would be mourning them if they died. “We don’t know how long the quarry is closed for. We don’t know if it’s just for the summer period. Something needs to be done permanently. If they had blocked it off straight away they could have possibly saved this other young lad,” he said. “If they had blocked it off a few years back they would probably have saved Russell’s life. It’s a shame that deaths are happening and lessons aren’t being learned.”

The family also witnessed people jumping 20 to 30 feet into the quarry when they were laying tributes for Russell. They were sprinkling petals on the water the day after he died and the family said music was blaring out and people were drinking alcohol. Mr Brown said: “Lisa (Mr O’Neill’s sister) had to shout at someone because of the disrespect.”

Russell O’Neill’s funeral will be held at 1.30pm on Thursday (18) at St Martin’s and St Peter’s Church, London Road, Worcester with the wake scheduled to take place at Bridges Carvery in Hindlip Lane, Worcester. A memorial football tournament is being organised with entry forms available in the Punch Bowl, the Co-op, the post office and Ronkswood Fish Bar in Lichfield Avenue. For more details message Wayne, Lisa or Chris O’Neill or Craige Brown on Facebook.