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TREE PLANTING - Former teacher at the school, Nick Locke, returned to Weobley Primary School on Friday, after five months of travelling around the world on his honeymoon, to plant a young sapling in the school grounds.

He said: “Sitting in an airport in South America, I realised just how many flights I would travel on in the trip and wanted to do something about my carbon footprint.

“My wife and I had a tree planted in New Zealand as part of a scheme there but I also wanted to get some children involved so they can learn about more thoughtful ways to travel if they choose to when they are older. I contacted Miss Townsend, the school’s eco council leader, and asked for the children’s help.

The children then set about doing some research while Mr Locke was still travelling and even contacted The Woodland Trust to get more information, eventually they deciding on a rowan tree.

Members of the eco-council helped choose a spot on the school grounds and followed the instructions on how to plant the sapling.

“It should grow really tall and have lots of berries to attract birds,” said one child.