ONE of Argentina’s finest tango vocalists, Martín Alvarado, increasingly considered to be the most exciting voice in tango to have emerged from Buenos Aires for decades, will be performing in Hereford next month as part of his 25th international tour.

His performance at Lyde Court on Friday June 7, will see the globe-trotting tango troubadour accompanied by pianist John Turville, a well-known figure on the UK jazz circuit and a versatile collaborator in the UK tango music scene.

His show also features for the first time in the UK, dance performances by Londonbased tango couple Maral Koyayan and Mariano Laplume, known for their artistic and contemporary interpretations of this universally popular Argentinian dance form.

“I am looking forward to working with dancers and singing with John for the first time in public in the UK. He is a very talented pianist,” says Alvarado.

Martin Alvarado will be at Lyde Court at 8pm. To book, visit