Finding Joy is the title of Vamos Theatre’s latest production, and joy is certainly one of a host of emotions anyone who catches the show is likely to experience. Along with sadness, laughter and admiration.

Joy’s mental faculties are failing and her daughter is at her wits’ end trying to care for her and keep her safe. But Joy’s grandson, a boy who’s up to no good for the most part, is nothing but good for his gran, able to connect with her simply by making caring for her fun.

Once again, Vamos amaze with a work that, while utterly wordless, is dazzlingly eloquent. A picture may paint a thousand words, but this full mask production tells an entire life story with passion, wit and humour.

The story of Joy and Danny’s relationship is counterpointed by a beautifully realised re-creation of Joy’s younger life, from her childhood as an evacuee being waved off by her mother to her courtship and marriage and the birth of her own baby.

The power of Joy and Danny’s story is at the heart of the show, but every element of the production commands admiration - the soundtrack that perfectly complements every chapter - past and present - and a set that is cunningly clever and created to work very hard indeed without ever impeding the flow of the narrative as cupboards become beds, a sofa appears from nowhere and pieces of the set are turned inside out to reveal sewing machines ...

But it’s the masks and the extraordinary performers behind them that make this show such a triumph. The masks themselves are beautiful - each one instantly establishing character - and every move is carefully nuanced: a tilt of the head, a particular way of walking, of moving and being, to bring them vividly to life.

If you’ve already seen Vamos Theatre, you’ll need no urging to buy tickets for Finding Joy. If you haven’t, you’re missing a magical theatrical experience.

Finding Joy can also be seen at Brilley Village Hall on March 28, Market Theatre, Ledbury on March 30, The Regal in Tenbury Wells on April 11, Brecon’s Theatr Brycheiniog on July 5, Ludlow Assembly Rooms on July 6. For further information, visit