ODDSOCKS have long proved popular with visitors to Herefordshire.

And the large audience at Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School had good cause to see why last Friday.

The touring company’s idiosyncratic vision of Shakespeare is a feature of their summer productions but their winter choice of material broadens their range.

This time it is a take on Robin Hood, presented in part as pantomime, in part as political satire, all performed on the now-familiar, all-purpose Oddsocks set.

Outdoors, this takes the form of a cart which transforms into different backdrops. Indoors, on the stage at Bishop’s, this proved more of a challenge with little clearance above providing the occasional, unscheduled collision with the stage-lighting.

As ever, there was plenty of audience participation with the accomplished troupe of players quickly establishing a rapport with those enjoying the spectacle.

The five-strong cast all take on a variety of roles, each performed with great enthusiasm – no small feat as this was the final leg of a tour which began more than three months ago and has spanned the country from the Channel Islands to Northumberland.

Leading the way, as ever, was Oddsocks founder and driving force Andy Barrow who clearly relished his main role as the evil Sherriff of Nottingham.

But the other four players, three of whom were already familiar faces from previous Oddsocks productions, follow his lead with gusto, revealing a tremendous sense of fun, acting talent and musical ability as they made the two acts fly by.

Oddsocks fans, new and old, will now be waiting eagerly for their next visit.