NEITHER of Herefordshire’s two MPs voted for the gay marriage bill in Parliament this week.

Bill Wiggin voted against the bill and Jesse Norman did not vote at all.

Mr Norman, one of 35 Tory MPs who did not vote, told the Hereford Times: “The bill was designed to address a clear case of discrimination, and inequality before the law. But at the same time it might well have negative effects on the Church of England and other institutions, despite the government’s assurances.

“After long reflection I could not see that either consideration was decisive, and I abstained,” he said.

Speaking before the debate, Mr Wiggin said that though he voted in favour of civil partnerships, which provided equality under the law, he could not support what in his mind amounted to a redefinition of marriage.

Despite more than 100 Conservative MPs going against the bill, it was passed and will proceed to its next stages through the Commons and Lords.