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Liam Cromar

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What does your business do?

Website design and development

Where is your business based?

Greater Kington Metropolitan Area

What would you like to say to your customers?

We've not been hit badly by the lockdown—our work is normally socially distanced anyway—but know that many other businesses have, whether in our local Kington area or across Herefordshire. Has it forced you to consider more of an online focus? We can help modify your existing website to accept online payment, or set up a completely new online shop. We've also offered and given free local business support when minor website tweaking has been needed—subject to availability, we may well be able to do the same for you. Please get in touch if you need some website advice!

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Phone: 01544 248222; Twitter: @SpinnerWebs; website: www.spinnerwebs.co.uk