Love Island fans have criticised Callum Jones after he failed to clear the air with Shaughna Phillips after coupling up with one of the twins.

After being paired with Eve Gale and going on a double date with her and her twin Jess and Mike Boateng, Callum was in no rush to talk with his former partner Shaughna.

Shaughna criticised Callum for his behaviour during the show and said she would “rather find out he’s a wet wipe on day two, than day 17”.

Former contestant Maura Higgins leapt to Shaughna’s defence and tweeted to say that Callum was “being an ass”.

Host Laura Whitmore also criticised the 23-year-old scaffolder from Manchester.

She tweeted: “Why are boys so s*** at communicating?

“I hear ya Shaughna.

“Callum just talk to the girl!”

Callum’s name began trending on Twitter after the programme was broadcast, with many criticising him for failing to talk to Shaughna.

One fan tweeted: “So Callum was so tired after that dead date that he couldn’t speak to Shaughna but had enough energy to tell everyone else that he was too tired to speak.

“Goodnight sir.”

Another tweeted: “All Callum had to do was speak to her and show a bit of respect.”

Love Island continues on ITV2.