Jonathan Morgan and Jenny Thomas, renowned musicians of The Windsor Box&Fir Co are helping St Peter’s Church, Withington, in their aim to bring some essential modern facilities into the ancient building. They will play a wonderful programme of 18th century flute music at a short fundraising concert. At present, the church has no water supply, no toilet and no kitchen; however, even without these facilities the church team will be providing a buffet supper to follow the concert!

Jonathan and Jenny will use wooden flutes, both copies of 18th century instruments.

“We are playing music by Telemann, de Fesch and W.F.Bach, among others, all music from the 18th century, so it makes sense to play on the instruments of the period, with their softer, more subtle sound” explains Jenny.

The concert, “Magical Flutes”, is on Saturday, October 7 at 7.30pm in St Peter’s Church, Withington.

Tickets are available from Ruth Hewison by email: or telephone 01432 850074