SATURDAY sees the launch of a unique book by Hilary Engel, Golden Valley Voices, which looks at the changes in daily live in the Golden Valley since the start of the 20th century.

For the past 20 years, since moving to Bacton, Hilary has been interviewing a wide variety of people for the book: “I have done interviews for the past 20 years,” she explains. “When we moved here I just couldn’t get over how extraordinary this place was, so untouched and unspoiled, and the people I met were also amazing so I thought I’d do a few interviews, but it’s been a very hard thing to finish.”

In the book, 20 men and women recall fun and hard work, mischief and tragedy, discipline and treats. They remember how tough it was for families trying to make a living off the land in this beautiful, remote part of the country; how they were affected by two World Wars, by economic depression and ferocious weather, long before any modern conveniences arrived. They remember skills that were passed from parent to child. But above all they reflect on how communities and neighbours supported each other through hardship; and how, despite working long hours, everyone seemed to have more time.

Golden Valley Voices, is available direct from Hilary on 01981 241210, or by writing to her at Fair Oak, Bacton, Herefordshire, HR2 0AT. Profits will go to the Golden Valley Patient Trust.