The Courtyard's Youth Theatre's family production of The Wizard of Oz was a triumph

There are two absolute tests for any production of the Wizard of Oz. Do you care about the four friends who take their troubles down the Yellow Brick Road, and can Dorothy sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The Courtyard’s Youth Theatre family production scored big wins on both counts. They have nurtured two exceptional female singers.  Alice Burdsall’s Dorothy railed against the unfairness and cruelty of the dreadful landowner and soared into her dream-world with the big show-stopping number, and Summer Reade sang a beguiling Galinda, the Good Witch of the North who waves her wand to put the twister-spun world to rights. And they gave us a lion played by Joe Martin, and a scarecrow, played by Morgan Florence of great comic talent, who both landed delightful gags throughout the journey, and Jacob Florence as a tin man whose broken heart had my two young companions sobbing in the aisles. Director Ellen Dorsett’s other great triumph is the captivating magic of the crowd scenes and the big dance numbers. A hundred kids of all ages filled the stage with wonders and joy with superbly-costumed, chickens, monkeys and jitterbugs. The choreography was breath-taking throughout, and particularly powerful in the spectacular scene in which the Munchkins welcome to Dorothy to the land of Oz. 
For 20 years, the Courtyard Youth Theatre has been empowering young Herefordians and giving them a taste for theatre. They have also been putting on some of the best musical productions you can see with flair and consummate skill. They deserve their standing ovations. And they deserve generous funding. For opportunities for all ages to join Hereford Youth Theatre click here