The Countryside Restoration Trust was established in 1993 by Chairman, Robin Page and the late artist and conservationist, Gordon Beningfield.

Launched in response to growing fears about intensive farming, the CRT initially aimed to purchase land which had been farmed in this way, in order to restore it to a living countryside rather than a lifeless food factory.

As the CRT has grown, it aims have broadened to encompass purchasing farmland and woodland where traditional farming methods, wildlife habitat and biodiversity are under threat.

Our farms and properties therefore use a mix of traditional and innovative new methods so that wildlife is welcomed, encouraged, and given a new home.

We have lots of hard working tenant farmers and a growing number of eager and committed volunteers, restoring tired and forgotten parts of land into a thriving landscapes where flora and fauna flourish.

Old and disused farming properties are being revitalised, creating vibrant community centres of sustainable business and education.

We want to teach present and future generations through example and education about the importance of conserving our natural world and how they can make a positive impact.

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