Hereford Times: Sue Griffiths Events Director


Sue Griffiths

Sue started her career in Media back in 1988 as a field sales executive for the Hereford Times, gaining experience on retail and property before taking on the responsibilities of team supervisor for the field sales team. As the years progressed Sue broaden her knowledge of the industry by moving into the area of Classified, culminating in taking on the job of Classified Sales Manager for the classified and reception areas of the Hereford Times in 1995. During her time doing this role Sue was seconded for a short period to the Worcester Evening News Classified Manager’s role (1996) and the implementation team for the new frontend computer systems- Futureproof (2004). In 2005 Sue moved roles permanently to the Sales Training Managers position, based in Worcester. After 7 years Sue moved in 2012 into the frontline commercial operation as Head of Media for the Worcester division, successfully running both field and tele sales operations across multiple platforms.
The latest chapter of Sue's career in 2017 has taken her into Event Management for the publishing group with diversification and re-connection with local communities at the forefront of her work.

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