St Michaels Hospice

Hereford Times: St Michael's Hospice

Hereford Times: St. Michael's Hospice

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St Michael’s Hospice is an independent charity that exists to help and support patients and their families as they adjust to living with a terminal illness.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists, social workers, chaplains and counsellors.

Specialist Hospice staff work together and often in partnership with the NHS to relieve patients’ symptoms, control their pain and help them to live well until the end of life.

We provide Inpatient services, hospice day care and support for patients in a range of settings, including their homes.

We are also there to ensure loved ones have access to the appropriate care and support they need to cope with the complex feelings and lifestyle changes caused by a terminal illness.

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