GULLS have been causing a nuisance in Hereford city centre by splitting open rubbish bags and scattering litter across the street.

But Hereford BID is determined to address the issue and is working with Herefordshire Council.

The problem gets worse during the summer months when gulls rip open rubbish bags left out for waste collection.

HBID's operations and marketing manager, Mike Truelove, said: "It really upsets people as there is rubbish strewn across High Town. We need a coordinated approach."

He said he would also like to see more businesses take advantage of the seagull protected bags.

Businesses around High Town who use Herefordshire Council’s trade waste sacks can be provided with a free seagull-proof refuse sack by the council’s waste management service.

But Mr Truelove said he is sure that businesses which do not use the council's service could be provided with bags at cost price.

Hereford BID is also working hard to remove chewing gum from around the city, with funding from the city council.

The gum buster machine is being used to clear gum from the streets, including the underpass at the end of Eign Gate.

Mr Truelove said: "We have a programme where we are working around almost every street. It hasn't been done for years but we are working our way through street by street to remove the gum.

"We have got 40 streets in the BID. Once we have done every street we will continue on a cycle basis and it will get quicker as there will be less gum to remove."

Hereford BID continues to work to make the city a better place but the Hereford BID Business Awards 2017, sponsored by Maylord Shopping Centre, want to celebrate the members of the BID, which help make the BID what it is.

These inaugural business awards are a way of recognising the best practice of our city centre businesses – whether they are service providers or retailers – and highlighting best practice. We want to put the spotlight on the members of the Hereford BID who help to make our city centre a vibrant place for shoppers, visitors, and entertainment seekers.

There are 12 categories in the awards and Hereford BID members can nominate themselves. The deadline is July 31 and we want as many of the 500 BID members as possible to take part.

To take part go to