Supporting the Hereford BID is Jack Powell of Harrison Clark Rickerbys inc Gordon Lutton. One of the initiatives put forward by the BID team is to ensure that the Hereford experience is as good as it can be.

Jack, a trainee solicitor working in litigation, said: “Hereford is a great city to work and live in and also to visit. The city is steeped in history and has many attractive and charming streets and places to visit.

“But I think the city can make more of what it has to offer and that is why I support and welcome the BID’s drive to make Hereford look smarter and to improve some specific areas, such as the approach to Church Street and the ‘Fire Site’ in High Town.

“The BID is aiming to make Hereford a greener city by helping Hereford’s Britain in Bloom team do more and also wants to transform previously neglected areas into new gardens or children’s play areas. The Glutton street vacuum machine is also a fantastic tool to help keep the streets clean, tidy and attractive.

“I think these ideas and plans can only be positive for the city. The initiatives will really enhance the look and appeal of Hereford as a destination for new visitors, will keep people coming back and will also improve the city for all of us that already live or work here. We want Hereford to thrive not just for us now but into the future, so that it is an effective centre for the county and welcomes visitors from all over the world.”