When the Hereford BID was first proposed, surveys, one-to-one meetings and events allowed the team to understand what issues were important to people and businesses in Hereford.

Following this, the Hereford BID was designed to focus on five key areas and initiatives.

The first initiative was to increase footfall, as a key theme from the discussions was a desire to get more people to come to Hereford and to get people to stay longer when they did visit.

The BID is, therefore, looking to implement and deliver annual promotion campaigns, a targeted digital marketing plan, free Wi-Fi connectivity in the city and the creation of a new major event for the city which together will aim to increase footfall.

Jane Mayglothling, of city centre based Harrison Clark Rickerbys inc Gordon Lutton, believes that these initiatives can really benefit Hereford as a whole:

“Hereford as a city has so much to offer, from the Cathedral and the unique Church Street to the Old Market.

"These plans can really deliver on increasing footfall to the city by engaging with shoppers and visitors and selling to people just how good our city really is.”

“The creation of a new event in the city would also bring people who may have previously not visited Hereford to the city.

"At the same time, the targeted campaigns will help ensure those visitors return by showcasing all the other destinations and experiences here that they may not have previously been aware of.”