• Saving the cherry tree

    HEREFORDSHIRE Council has confirmed a tree preservation order on trees at Larkside, Knapp Lane, Ledbury. The order was made on November 23, 2006 after an outline planning application was submitted proposing development on the site. This application

  • Biker rescued from forest

    AMBULANCE crews had to trek miles into a forest in challenging conditions to reach a mountain biker in severe pain in Herefordshire. The crews trekked almost two miles in failing light and pouring rain to reach a man who had come off his mountain bike

  • Old Times at Malvern Theatres

    THE past, said LP Hartley, is another country, a truth powerfully borne out by Harold Pinter's Old Times, playing until Saturday at Malvern Theatre. Filmmaker Deeley (Neil Pearson) and his cool, enigmatic wife Kate (Janie Dee) live in an isolated farmhouse

  • JUMP at the Wales Millenium Centre

    SIDE-splitting laughter and jaw-dropping amazement are just two of the responses you're likely to have when you see the remarkable and unmissable Jump from the Korean Yegam Theatre Company. Imagine The Chuckle Brothers-meets-The House of Flying Daggers