Ledbury have carried off the Hereford Times Cup after a comfortable win over St Martin’s at Hereford Bowling Club.

The eagerly-anticipated contest saw St Martin’s contesting their first final in more than 10 years after a semi-final success against Ross -on-Wye.

Ledbury had beaten local rivals Eastnor to clinch their final place.

Ledbury dominated the first rink and won four ends in a row, including a five, to seal a 26-23 victory.

In rink two, a late rally by St Martin’s was not enough to overturn an early advantage for Ledbury, who won 23-19.

This left St Martin’s needing a comprehensive win in the third rink if they were to turn around Ledbury’s lead and, early on, things went their way as they eased into an 8-3 lead after six ends.

Ledbury hit back, however, and their 19-14 rink success earned them an over 68-56 victory.

Final result: Rink One: P West, R Gill, R Loveridge, M Griffiths (Ledbury) 26 beat J Beaven, J Caton, T Orley and L Anson (St Martin’s) 23.

Rink Two: R Jaynes, C Brice, D Holmes, M Ricketts (Ledbury) 23 beat M Griffiths, C Complin, R Perkins, J Knowles (St Martin’s) 19.

Rink Three: S Davis, T Holmes, M Holmes, L Harwood (Ledbury) 19 beat R Davies, P Kennett, S Booth, V Ledbury (St Martin’s) 14. Ledbury won 68-56.

Semi-finals: Ledbury 68 Eastnor 58: Rink One: R Gill, C Brose, D Holmes, M Ricketts (Ledbury) 22 lost to P Morris, P Hughes, G Ritchie and G Williams (Eastnor) 25.

Rink Two: S Davies, T Holmes, M Holmes, L Harwood (Ledbury) 21 beat S Jones, C Billingham, M Herbert, T Churchill (Eastnor) 18.

Rink Three: R Jones, P West, R Loveridge, M Griffiths (Ledbury) 25 beat E Brodes, M Hewitt, N Williams T Burford (Eastnor) 15.

St Martin’s 60 Ross 54: Rink One: M Baugh, L Williams, F Garrett, P Rainthorpe (Ross) 18 drew with J Caton, J Beavan, T Orley, L Anson (St Martin’s) 18.

Rink Two: D Watkins, R Cooke, D Palmer, S Jones (Ross) beat R Davies, P Kennett, S Booth, V Ledbury (St Martin’s) 18.

Rink Three: I Beesley, A Page, M Smith P Middleton (Ross) 16 lost to M Griffiths, R Perkins, D Bott, J Knowles (St Martin’s) 24.