GOALKEEPER Christopher Yarranton has been suspended from football until January next year.

Yarranton was given a 147-day suspension for pushing a referee after one of the Herefordshire Football League cup finals last season.

Herefordshire FA chief executive Jim Lambert said Yarranton could not return to action until his ban expires on January 25, 2011.

Yarranton was in goal for Leominster at the time of the incident, said Lambert. He also plays for Mighty Roys.

Phoenix Sunday’s Jamie Griffiths has been handed a 42-day suspension.

Thirty-five day suspensions have been imposed on: James Badham (Colwall St James), Robert Burrough (Westfields Youth), Derek Craddock (Real Manhattans), James Gillett (Mighty Roys), Richard Jones (Lads Club Beavers), Jack Lynch (Wellington Youth), Craig Morris (Bell), Ross Murdock (Brittania), Daniel Taylor (Unique United), Kyle Watkins (Wellington Youth) and Matthew Williams (Lamb).

Other suspenions: Ian Merrick (La Mano De Dios) 28 days; Daniel Brazier (Lads Club Beavers), Ryan Davies (Golden Valley Juniors) and Paul Jones (Re-Rack Rovers) all 21 days; Steven Bell (Lads Club Beavers), Kiea Cowley-Hair (Lads Club Beavers), Ethan Durber (Bartestree) Simon Meyrick (Belmont) and Ellis Davey (Westfields Youth) all 14 days; Kieran Jones (Bell) eight days; Jack Cooper (Sutton Scorpions Youth), Lewis Corrick (Leominster Minors), Daniel George (Lamb), Luke Griffiths (Stagecoach), Joel Skyers (La Mano De Dios) and Steven Strunk (Exchange) all seven days. The suspensions start on August 30.

Herefordshire FA were among five county associations involved in a pilot scheme for match suspensions last season.

“The first season of the pilot scheme of match suspensions was well received and has been extended to the Herefordshire Football League for 2010/11,” said Lambert.

“It seems exceedingly likely that it will be extended to other adult leagues for the following season.

“If this is achieved then everybody that has contributed to the pilot will have done a great service for all grassroots football in the future.”

Match suspensions: Andrew Jones (Leominster Town) one match, Martin Rivett (Fownhope) two matches, Adam Strangwood (Leominster Town) two matches (all starting on August 28); Shaun Aston (Weston) three matches, Thomas Ballantyne (Wye Valley Rovers) three matches, Daniel Bradley (Woofferton) four matches, Adam Davis (Ledbury Colts) three matches, Dean Harding (Woofferton) one match, Alan Hogg (Woofferton) three matches, Alan Morgan (Bartestree Res) three matches, Luke Morris (Hereford Lads Club Res) three matches, James Watkins (Stoke Prior) one match (all starting on September 4).

Meanwhie, the annual Herefordshire League Shield between Ewyas Harold and Leominster Town takes place next Wednesday (August 25) at Westfields at 7.30pm.