NEW Hereford FC player Jack Deaman will be the vice-captain for next season.

Bulls manager Pete Beadle said he wanted to freshen it up after Rob Purdie performed the role last season.

As reported earlier, Jimmy Oates will be the captain.

"Jack's come in and has got big aspirations," said Beadle.

"We would like to think he would be fit all season and he has come from a decent background.

"Rob and Ryan [Green] lead by example anyway, they don't need an armband because they do that anyway.

"That's why we've gone with Jimmy and Jack.

"They know each other quite well and have got a good relationship.

"We just felt that would be a good little pair on the pitch and get the best out of the players.

"We would like to think they will stay with us even if we move through the levels."