HEREFORD full-back James Bowen says he will need to adapt more to the physical side of the game in order to succeed with Hereford in the Southern Premier League.

Bowen joined Northern Premier League outfit Stafford Rangers after enjoying a loan spell at Hereford during the 2015/16 campaign.

But he jumped at the chance of returning to Edgar Street and says he can't wait for the season to start.

"I am 21 now and I've got to adapt to the more physical side and stop doing stupid stuff," said Bowen.

"If we are looking to go into Conference North or South, we need to be more physical and fitter.

"But I'm young and naive and everything is a learning curve for me.

"I was just happy to come back and seeing some players that I already knew.

"Beads has welcomed me and it's the first time I met Jenks.

"You want to be the team that has won three back-to-back championships.

"If you do it in style, then great, but if not, then the do it through the play-offs.

"There is a lot of travelling for me to do, but I'm ready for the task ahead."

Bowen is renowned for his long throws, but says it's not something that he spends too much time practicing on.

"I only found out I could do it two years ago," he said.

"If it helps the team out, then I will do it.

"I can also see myself as a wing-back and I've played there a fair few times.

"I will play anywhere, whether it's left wing or left centre-half, as long as I'm playing."