JAMIE Molyneux is hopeful of returning for Hereford this Saturday's final friendly against Stourbridge after injuring his ankle at home.

The attacker said he rolled his ankle on his stairs, the same ankle that caused him problems last season.

"A few of the lads didn't believe me, but it was a little freak injury," said Molyneux.

"I had some trouble with that ankle last year as well, so clearly I have a weakness issue there, which I'm working on now with exercises.

"Jonny [Evans] said I should be out for two to three weeks and it's been two already, so I should be back on Saturday."

Molyneux was starting to show supporters what he was capable of after signing from Westfields before sustaining his injury.

"Before I picked up that injury, I felt I was becoming one of the main players in the team and I was playing quite well," he said.

"I never really got going after that and the new players have now come in and look good.

"But it's healthy competition and keeps us all on our toes and working hard."

Molyneux played in the Southern Premier League with Redditch United and reached the play-offs with the Worcestershire side.

He said it will be a step up for Hereford, but feels the Bulls will hold their own.

"It's a very physical league and there a lot of ex-pros who drop down and play in that league," said Molyneux.

"Weymouth always have a good following and a good team and St Neots sometimes have decent money and a good ground.

"It is a step up, but nothing we're not capable of doing well in especially when you look at the quality we've got."