THE captain of Brockhampton Ladies is confident her team can move into a higher league in the next few years.

Kate Bishops' side play in the Gloucestershire Women's League, which only has seven teams.

But Bishop is hopeful Brockhampton can move into the West Midlands League soon as they look to progress.

"We've got a good number coming through and a good number staying, so we're confident that in the next couple of years we'll move out of the league we're in and move into the West Midlands Women's League," she said,

"We had a really strong winter net session, so we were really confident going into the first game.

"We won that really convincingly and we were all set up to play our second game, but they conceded.

"It's a small league and you now only play each other once, so when teams concede it's really annoying because that's one less game."

Brockhampton are the only club in the county that offers competitive cricket for women.

"It would be good to get some more teams and good if more clubs could set up their own girls section," added Bishop.

"But whether or not they've got the numbers to do that, I don't know.

"We've got a really good set up with the juniors and that is where I think clubs need to start at and build up from there.

"But unless you play for the county, there's nowhere else for you to go other than here."