OLI Rogoff played for Brokchampton's first team on Saturday.RISING cricket star OIi Rogoff says it is imperative that youngsters are given the opportunity to learn the game from an early age in order for the sport to flourish in the county.

The 16-year-old played for Brockhampton's first team on Saturday following impressive performances for the seconds.

He also played for Herefordshire Seconds against Berkshire and said it's the best standard of cricket he has played at.

However, he admits that junior cricket in the county is struggling and it's important that youngsters are taught the sport at school.

"Cricket may not be the most appealing sport for youngsters so you have to go into the schools more so more people want to play because football has always been the main sport," said Rogoff.

"The county standard is improving and getting better, but if you want to develop your cricket, you may have to go into a bigger county.

"We've got four teams at Brockhampton and are struggling to put four teams out every week.

"There's enough players but you've got to spread them around the clubs I guess."

Brockhampton were thrashed by Knowle & Dorridge on Saturday, but Rogoff was delighted to get a start.

"It's always good to get a game for the first team because the standard of cricket is very good," said Rogoff, who joined Brockhampton from Wormelow.

"I played in the seconds last season and I've played a few cup games for the firsts to try and introduce me to this standard of cricket.

"It is a big step up, but I'm enjoying it."