ANDREW Glynos has been keeping tracks on Hereford United's fortunes 6,000 miles away in Tokyo.

The 44-year-old works in marketing in the Japanese capital city, but returned to Hereford a couple of weeks ago on holiday.

Glynos joined in the fans' protest outside Edgar Street last Saturday along with his brother David and friend Matt Quinn.

"I don't agree with what the current owners of the club are doing and don't believe the stories they are telling," said Glynos, who is due to return to Tokyo next week.

"The CVA numbers also do not add up.

"I just want a quick conclusion to it and everyone is looking for it to be resolved quickly."

Glynos saw the Bulls beat Aldershot on a dramatic final day last season that seemingly kept the Bulls up. But, within weeks, they had been relegated two divisions due to not paying all of their creditors.

"I really wanted to go to the first game of this season, but there was such a bad feeling that it wasn't possible," said Glynos.

"What has gone on has upset a lot of people."