SAM Gawler says he will continue watching Hereford United to preserve his late wife's memory.

Tracey Dallow died from Lupus – an incurable auto-immune illness that pitches the body into a battle against itself – three years ago.

The couple met while following the Bulls on the road and Gawler said he knows she would want him to continue supporting his beloved team.

"She loved Hereford and I'm going to continue to fight for the club and I know she will be fighting for it too," said Gawler.

"This is our club and there is 90 years of history there.

"How can you let that go?

"You do not choose your club, your club chooses you."

Gawler has attended Hereford's opening two games of the season and will travel to Dorchester this Saturday to see the Bulls in action.

"I have been following the club since I was about five or six and have made a lot of friends through the club," said Gawler.

"They have a good bunch of lads there and tried to entertain us.

"I plan to go to as many games as possible, including away ones.

"I totally understand why people don't want to go because not everyone has been paid, but the more money that comes in, the quicker everyone will get paid."

Gawler's friend Ian Hancock said he has been supporting United since 1973 and will not be turning his back on them.

"I support the club regardless and I do not think I speak for the minority," said Hancock.

"We support Hereford Unite,d not the regime – they are just the custodians.

"If Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) had their way, the club would get liquidated and no one would get paid.

"It is devastating to see what is happening at the club, but they will rise again."

Phil Butler and Adam Binley were two other fans who went to the game last Saturday.

"I will go to see Hereford United no matter what," said Butler.

"I was looking forward to the game ever since the Aldershot one, even though they dropped down two leagues."

Binley added: "It is still Hereford United – and AFC Hereford would be just stupid."