ALTHOUGH not wishing to comment directly on the current situation in which Hereford United (1939) Limited finds itself, Jon Hale has released the following statement.

Hale is among a group of businessmen who has approached Herefordshire Council to express a serious interest in launching a phoenix club at Edgar Street should the leases on the ground become available.

Hale said: “I do not feel it is right to comment directly on recent events at Edgar Street – in some ways it would be difficult to know where to start - but I can say that as a group we are continuing to monitor developments. I can also say that our concerns about the current regime at Hereford United have never gone away.

“I would once again reiterate that if the leases for Edgar Street become available we believe we have a viable and fully funded business plan already in place to launch a phoenix club at the ground very quickly. Should the worst case scenario - liquidation - occur, the board of Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) has said they would support our plan, which has supporters of our once great club and the local community right at the very heart of it.

“We have made this position clear to the council and are still in regular contact with officers to ensure they remain in no doubt how serious we are about protecting the future of professional football at Edgar Street.

“We have a significant investment underwritten to form a new club at the highest level we possibly can, but the investors – like all of our group – do not believe the current company is a viable concern moving forward. None of us wants Hereford United to go into liquidation, but sadly we feel the size of the debt – including the significant amount owed to the current owners - is too big to take on moving forward.

“One thing I would like to state categorically is that no-one from our group – or our investors – will make any money if a phoenix club is launched successfully. We will also make it clear to any new investors who may come forward that any profits made would be ploughed back into the football club and HUST board members would be on the club’s board to ensure this was always the case.

“I would also like to say that while putting together the business plan, our group has discussed ways that we could attempt to look after local creditors who would be left out of pocket should Hereford United (1939) Limited go into liquidation. Fund-raising matches are certainly one possible option, but this subject would obviously be something very important to discuss should a phoenix club come to fruition.

“Finally, I’d just like to say that as Hereford United supporters, the people in our group know exactly how much turmoil our fellow fans are experiencing. We sincerely hope this situation resolves itself one way or the other as quickly as possible so we all finally know where we stand.”