HEREFORD United's majority shareholder Tommy Agombar said it had 'been a wonderful day' for the club.

Agombar spoke to the Hereford Times after United's opening day 2-0 loss to St Neots at Edgar Street in the Southern League Premier Division.

Around 350 people staged a peaceful protest outside the ground to vent their frustration and anger at the club's new regime.

Agombar said: "It has been a wonderful day and I thank all the fans for turning up and they have supported the club. It has been a brilliant day.

"The players on the pitch were unbelievable and they gave it their all.

"We could have come back with a result had we taken our chances in the first half but that's life. We get ready for Tuesday's game.

"I am over the moon with the attendance. All these fans that have come out and supported the club - they are lovely people.

"I met a majority of them and they are lovely people.

"I am just pleased they are here.

"I am just sorry the supporters who were outside did not feel like coming in and supporting their club but it's their prerogative.

"It was a peaceful protest so you can't moan about it.

"I would love to be able to get them back onside."

Agombar said he was the only person willing to put money into the debt-ridden club when former chairman David Keyte decided to sell his shares.

"We are all missing the point because there was no one else to come in for the club," said Agombar.

"It was just me - I was the only person.

"The supporters trust supposedly had money in their coffers but they didn't and it was left to my money and this is where we are at this stage.

"But today was a fantastic day and I am just sorry that we did not get a result."

Agombar popped into the technical area in the second half.

"I just had a word with Jon to see if all the players were OK but it was not my decision to make substitutions - that the manager's job," he explained.

"We are full time and we must be the only team below the Conference Premier to be full time.

"My intention to stay full time is to go up and to win the league.

"Hereford is a massive club and I want my young players to do well.

" You could have a great nucleus of a squad here which could do wonders.

"Hereford is a cup team as well and imagine if we get a good team in the cup? We will give them a go - we will give anyone a go."