HEREFORDSHIRE'S bowlers have suffered two home defeats in friendly matches.

Against Warwickshire at Brimfield, Herefordshire were narrowly defeated by 117-109, winning on two rinks and coming close on the remaining four.

John Wear skipped the top home rink to a 23-15 success and Don Pugh's rink was always ahead in a 23-16 victory.

John Colley's rink played very well and were unfortunate to go down by 22-19 and the rink skipped by John Wall fought well before going down by 24-15.

The rink skipped by Howard Turberfield had a close game before losing 18-13 and the rink skipped by Mike Charles lost by 22-16

At Eastnor Herefordshire were heavily defeated by visiting Leicestershire who achieved a victory of 139 shots to 105.

Herefordshire won on only one rink which was well skipped by Don Pugh to a 33-17 victory, conceding only eight ends, and John Wear's rink had a very close game before losing by 21-16.

The rink skipped by Glyn Williams were very unfortunate to finish 19-13 down and president Dave Holloway's rink led 20-13 after 15 ends, but lost the remaining

six ends to finish 23-20 down.

Howard Turberfield's rink won only six ends in sustaining the heaviest defeat of 30-10, and the rink skipped by Mike Charles led 13-12 after 15 ends but lost the remaining six ends which included a six and a five for a 29-13 defeat.