HEREFORD United's advisor Joel Nathan has revealed that the club appointed ground safety experts - at midnight last night.

Nathan stated that the meeting with Herefordshire Council officials this afternoon was adjourned at the club's request.

"The company who will be advising us on ground safety was only appointed at midnight last night," Nathan told the Hereford Times this evening.

"So the meeting today was postponed until Thursday so that they could have a good look around and ensure that everything that needed to be done was done.

"The club fully expects that everything will be passed on Thursday to allow Saturday's game with St Neots to take place."

United have had more than a month to sort out their new ground safety certificate.

And yesterday afternoon, United chairman Andy Lonsdale told the Hereford Times: "We don’t know what decision the council will be making – no-one can predict what their decision will be. As far as we know, it’s all speculation and we have done all we can.”