WOOLHOPE are benefiting from a relationship with Birmingham League side Brockhampton where they loan some of their younger players.

In the last four years Woolhope have borrowed players from Brockhampton who have not been able to get a game for them.

Max Foster, Woolhope vice captain, said: “We’ve got a really, really strong relationship with Brockhampton and it’s helped us push out two sides here.

“There was a point last season where we really struggled to get a side out for the second team and we we’re loaning a lot of players from Brockhampton.”

Foster believes this sort of relationship between clubs is the future of club cricket.

He said: “It’s good especially for younger age groups because I think it’s better for them to be playing a good standard of cricket really.”

The second XI for Woolhope are currently second in Division Four of the Marches League after it was decided at the club’s annual general meeting last year to continue with the squad.

Huw Owen, Club Secretary, said: “At the annual general meeting, the club decided to make a commitment that it would continue to field a first and second team.”