MORE than 80 runners from across the region took part in the annual Dorstone Dawdle.

James Smith of the Black Pear Joggers led the field from the off and went on to win the event with a time of 35.31.

Taking part were entrants from Hay Hotfooters, Black Pear joggers, Croft Ambrey RC, Wye Valley Runners, Forest of Dean AC, Presteigne Pacers, Rhyader RC, Shetton Striders, Hereford Couriers, Malvern Joggers and Spirit of Monmouth RC.

1 James Smith (Black Pear Joggers) 35.31

2 Peter Woodward (Forest of Dean AC), 38.51

3 Chris Penny (Forest of Dean AC) 39.14

4 Marcus Bennetto (Forest of Dean AC) 40.21

5 Thomas Wilkes 40.25

6 Leyton Fleet (Forest of Dean AC) 40.51

7 John Russell (Forest of Dean AC) 40.52

8 Glyn Williams (Croft Ambrey RC) 42.42

9 Richard Powles (Forest of Dean AC) 42.48

10 James Davies (Wye Valley Runners) 43.37

11 Martin Carter (Hay Hotfooters RC) 43.47

12 Julian Boon (Forest of Dean AC) 44.01

13 Mark Blake (Forest of Dean AC) 44.18

14 Connor Creed (Forest of Dean AC) 44.34

15 Steven Mesham (Presteigne Pacers) 44.47