Hereford United's playing budget next season "is not sustainable".

That is the view of Redditch United secretary Dave Jones, who says that he astounded to hear that the Bulls will be paying £13,000 a month on football wages next season.

Redditch are an established Southern League Premier Division club and struggle on average crowds of only 240.

"If their budget is that high, then they will run away with the league," said Jones.

"I very much doubt that is their budget, but if they have said that, who am I to argue?

"But, unless their home fans flock back, then no way is that sustainable.

"The average admission price in the league is £10.

"So, if only 600 people come through the turnstiles, then that is never going to be sustainable.

"That is twice as much as many teams in the league and in the case of Truro, about ten times as much."

Redditch finished 10th in the Southern Premier League last season and entertain Hereford at their Valley Stadium ground on Boxing Day.

Jones hopes that around 1,000 fans turn up for the game, but added that very much depends on the away following.

"We usually get about 600 on Boxing Day, but other games are around 240 on a Saturday and 160 for midweek games," said Jones.

"We got relegated about four seasons ago and joined the Southern League.

"It is a very competitive league and some teams are tough and have big, strong footballers that are at the end of their careers.

"Other teams are picking potential youth talent that are trying to progress in their career.

"St Neots for example have money and will be a tough game for Hereford in their opening game."