HEREFORD United will be playing in the Southern League Premier Division and the transfer embargo on the club will be lifted, league chairman Ken Turner has confirmed.

A full statement from league chairman Ken Turner this morning:

"Hereford United Football Club has transferred appropriate funds to all known Football Creditors apart from a few who have not, as yet, notified officials of their required details. However, the amount covering these outstanding payments has been deposited in the account of a third party.

"Consequently, subject to receiving confirmation of receipt of all the amounts transferred and also subject to any actions taken by other authorities outside the control of the League, Hereford United (1939) Ltd will remain in membership of the Southern League and the registrations embargo placed on the club on June 30 will be lifted.

"While fully appreciating the feelings of the club’s supporters, I have been extremely disappointed at the content of some of the emails which have been, to say the least, not only ill informed but abusive with a number bordering on libellous.

"Despite opinions to the contrary, the League has held the upper hand throughout and, operating within the rules of the competition, has been fully in control of the situation which has seen it achieve one of its main objectives to ensure that those football creditors owed money by the previous regime at the club received what was due to them.

"Expulsion of the club at any time during the process would have undoubtedly led to its liquidation and, with it, any chance of these debts ever being settled.

"That said, the same supporters who criticised the non-payment of creditors seemed quite comfortable with the prospect of rekindling a debt-free club from the embers without giving a second thought to the same creditors who would have remained unpaid.

"I would like to express the thanks of the board to league secretary, Jason Mills, who, together with officials of the club, worked tirelessly to achieve a satisfactory outcome to a situation which was not of any of their making."