ADVISOR Andy Lonsdale says a business decision was taken not to keep Hereford United in the Conference Premier.

“The reason we want to keep this club is alive is because it has a fantastic history and has got passionate fans,” said Lonsdale.

“It has got a massive future. But is it fair on us to come into this club and put a £350,000 bond up and pay football creditors, when that money could be better spent on stabilising the club for the future?

“Would you rather have a club who can pay its bills or a club that is still in trouble but has £350,000 lodged in a Conference account?

“If we had not stepped in when we did, Hereford football club would be dead.

"You had winding-up petitions and the club would not have survived.”

United have been accepted into the Southern League Premier Division, following United's expulsion from the Conference due to non-payment of debts.

Lonsdale claims due diligence was carried out on behalf of new majority shareholder Tommy Agombar prior to his takeover of the club.

“When we first got involved in the club, we were told the debt was £300,000,”said Lonsdale.

“I came down and met with Dave Keyte and every week the debts got bigger and bigger.

“Tommy has got to come up with £1.3 to keep this club going.

“The due diligence was done and Andrew Green was involved at the time but there was stuff coming up out of the woodwork each week. Andrew is no longer involved with the club.”

Lonsdale also spoke about the club’s triallists pitching up at Edgar Street under the new regime - jusr 24 hours after United had been expelled from the Conference.

“We are running a football club,” said Lonsdale.

“We are not Herefordians and we are not Hereford supporters. We don’t want to dwell on the past but look to the future.”