ADVISOR Andy Lonsdale says he won’t benefit from any future development at Hereford United’s Edgar Street ground.

Lonsdale said the club would like to build a hotel at the Blackfriars End and flats behind the Merton Meadow end of the ground.

“We would rent out the flats and when we build the hotel and the flats, both terraces get knocked down and improved,” said Lonsdale, who runs Lonsdale Construction Services.

Lonsdale had previously confirmed that the father of new United manager Jon Taylor runs a property business.

“The only asset the club had was the team- and they have all gone,” said Lonsdale. “No I won’t benefit from any development.

“The leases are in the football club’s name – I am not a shareholder or a director of the club.”

He denied claims that former Swindon Town chairman Jed McCrory had acted on behalf of Tommy Agombar’s party when he met a senior Herefordshire Council officer earlier this year to explore the leases of the ground.

“Tommy has got a holding company and what we try to do is place the main assets in the holding company,” said Lonsdale.

“When I realised the passion of the fans we reversed that decision.

“I wrote to the council and said we were no longer going to ask for the transfer of the leases.

“We will leave the leases in Hereford United 1939 Limited and that was done prior to a petition being handed to the council from the fans.

“It was done at the meeting we had with Tony Johnson – two weeks before the march.”

Lonsdale added: “People don’t understand that 85% of profits from the development at the groundhas to go back into the football club to sustain it for the future.

“Why would a property developer come in here for that? It’s a hopeless deal.”

“Hereford United are not moving.”