HEREFORD United advisor Andy Lonsdale admits that majority shareholder Tommy Agombar might not pass the FA’s owners and directors’ test.

“The FA rulings are very difficult,” said Lonsdale.

“Most people have a chequered past.

“In normal law, convictions are spent after a period of time but in the FA they are not.

“Nowhere else in business do you get preferential creditors but with the FA football creditors take preference so it’s a very strange animal to deal with.”

Lonsdale said Agombar had ploughed more than £200,000 into the club since his arrival.

“He’s passionate about his football – and he could lose it.”

Advisor Joel Nathan added: “Vinny Samways would say some very good things about Tommy and so, too, would Andy Gray.

“A good name is former West Ham player Kenny Brown – he has worked with Tommy and he’s now at Dagenham and Redbridge.”

Nathan said Tommy's son, Tommy Junior, was no longer a director of Hereford United.

“He’s gone off the list now because of the grief he was getting from the fans and Tommy did not want to put him in that position, which I think is a very fair comment.”

Nathan added: “The chairman is yet to be announced. Someone will take the position and we will be making that announcement shortly.”