HEREFORD United supporters should not be concerned that the father of new manager Jon Taylor runs a property firm.

Advisor Andy Lonsdale wants to ease the fears of fans who claim that the club’s new regime is focussed on redevelopment of Edgar Street.

“Jon’s father owns a property company,” confirmed Lonsdale.

“But Jon’s a football man and he is passionate about his football.

“What does your father do and does that have an impact on the job you do?

“If you dig too far back you might find out that your father owned Edgar Street.”

Lonsdale said he wanted to quash fans’ forum rumours about his own past and a soil dumping incident which happened when he was chairman of Feltham Football Club.

“I was exonerated by the council and Bulls News have spoken to a local resident about his side of the story – they haven’t asked me for my side,” said Lonsdale.

“The council set up a strategic review and I was exonerated."

Advisor Joel Nathan said the internet was a tool which can be abused by fans.

“The power of the internet allows you to build up complete and utter rubbish you want about people,” said Nathan.

“I have been involved in businesses – some have been successful and others have not been successful.

“You move on and you learn from it but people are digging up bits and pieces and it does not help anyone.”